NEWS: Lion Pride Kills a Buffalo in the Kruger – by Courtney Blunden

Wow. There seems to be a lot of wildlife activity in and around the camps at the moment. Below is report of what happened on Saturday afternoon in the Klaserie. There were a number of guests that witnessed this incredible event (lion kill) . The Klaserie Reserve is providing phenomenal game viewing at the moment.

“On saturday afternoon the guests at Africa On Foot and nThambo Tree Camp were treated to a real spectacle when one of the game drive stations called through a sighting of the Ross pride pulling down an adult buffalo ! This is one of nature’s fiercest contests – what a thrill to discover the 7 lions in fight mode. Gawie was quick to get into the sighting; and when he arrived the lions were still panting and catching their breath after the take down!

The war between lion and buffalo is as old as time, a challenge which can go either way, for the lions a buffalo is a large meal which can feed the whole pride. The buffalo, however, is a very powerful beast. The buffalo has been built to defend – with massive horns, a power design and skin like armour, it’s a force to be reckoned with. The Cape Buffalo has another weapon on its side – an attitude and aggression unparalleled in Africa.

The Ross Pride won the war this time, but looking at the pride the are a few old battle wounds from other attempts. The pride is looking great and at least one of the females seen on the kill is lactating. After a hearty meal of fresh buffalo she left to go a feed her new cubs.  We  have not seen the cubs yet and it will be a few weeks before she gently welcomes them into the wild world. With any luck these new cubs will help reinforce the power of the Ross Pride and build their numbers for the future.”

* The below images were taken by the rangers from Africa on Foot.


Vultures Lying in Wait for Lion Kill

Vultures Hovering Over the Lion Kill - Lying in Wait


Lions Catching a Breather During Feasting

Freshly Caught Buffalo - thanks to the Ross Pride


Lion Kill in the Kruger's Klaserie

Lions in the Kruger with Their Fresh Buffalo Kill



Lioness feeding in the Kruger

Searching for the Best Bits



* The below images were taken by Gawie at nThambo Tree Camp


Ross Pride Kill a Buffalo

Ross Pride Kill a Buffalo in the Klaserie


Buffalo Killed by Lions

Lions Kill Buffalo - Just Starting Their Meal


Ross Pride Kills Buffalo in the Kruger

The Ross Pride Kills a Buffalo in the Klaserie